The following sites and books contain scores for hundreds of Cornish tunes, both traditional and recent tunes written in the tradition.

Cornish National Music Archive

The CNMA hosts a huge list of tunes both native to or traditionally played in Cornwall. They are often accompanied by scores and recordings. Visit the Cornish National Music Archive tunes list.

An Daras

An Daras, the Cornish Folk Arts Project contains a wealth of information about the wider folk traditions of Cornwall. The list of Cornish tunes contains about 50 tunes, all with scores and many with MIDI files. It is run by Merv and Alison Davey, researchers and practitioners of Cornish music and dance since the 1970s. Merv is one of the main contributors to the Cornish National Music Archive.

Prys Ton is a Cornish session music book available for free via the An Daras shop.


The Kesson website is home to Kyt’s Tunery, perhaps the largest list of Cornish tunes available online. It is crowdsourced and growing, with over 200 tunes incorporating scores, xyz notation, and simple mp3 files. It is run by Kyt Davey.

From time to time the website will ask for a donation to help support the costs of running this amazing resource. Please consider supporting them.

Racca 2

The largest source of scores of Cornish tunes old and new, compiled in the 1990s. Download Racca 2 (hosted by Kesson).


Cornish tunes for sessions in Neil Davey’s Fooch! Available in some independent stores like Trevada Music in Camborne. Has CDs to play along to.

Mike O’Connor’s Ilow Kernow

Mainly historical tunes, Ilow Kernow was compiled and published by Mike O’Connor. It contains many tunes from the tune books of larger country houses (18th-19th century), some earlier tunes gathered from a variety of sources, and those from the 20th century ‘revivals’ (1920s & 1970s+). This, and other books, are available to order direct.