“Accidental Mini Album” of Cornish fiddle music released on SoundCloud

Cornish fiddle player Neil McMahon (of Fools Rock amongst others) has recorded an “Accidental Mini Album” of Cornish traditional music played on the fiddle. Neil said “this weekend I inadvertently made a little album (sort of). It’s rough and ready, full of mistakes like proper folk belongs to be, entirely unpasturised and GM free.”

Whilst the album is mainly fiddle-based, it also features guitar and bodhrán by Martina and Brendan Travis.

Neil has been part of the Cornish trad scene for many years, writing some tunes that are played in Cornish sessions. Our favourite is “Brandy for the Parson” which we first heard at the Seiners Cornish Session in Perranporth.

Listen to his Accidental Mini Album on SoundCloud, or click play here.